Codi | Stylist in Training

Hi! My name is Codi (with an I) I love anything to do with fashion but hair is my main bae <3 I’m an introvert X extrovert and the girliest tomboy you’ll ever meet. I’m excited to be a part of the Zazou team and begin my career journey. I chose Zazou because education is a big aspect I want to be forever learning and be successful.

I love anything to do with colour, crazy colours are fun and get me excited. Balayage enthusiast. I also love styling and BRAIDS!


Softball, snowboarding, and sleep.

Favourite Food:


Favourite Music:

Hip hop and R&B

Favourite Drink:

Coffee, beer, and ICE water

Favourite Movie:

The Purge (movie series)

Zodiac Sign:

Capricorn. Determined, stubborn, shy, and ambitious.