Summer Hair Repair Remedies!

Alright, we all know in the summer that outside is where we want to be! We protect our skin with sunscreen and our face with foundations with SPF, but what about our hair? It’s in just as much need of some TLC during the summer as everything else! All product recommendations are available for purchase at Zazou!

Basically, the sun breaks down the protein structure of the hair and sucks out a lot of the moisture. This combined roughens the hair’s cuticle and makes hair look drier, coarser and frizzier. Three things most people don’t want to see! It’s harder to deal with, gets tangles, and just doesn’t feel nice. If you colour your hair you’re going to want to protect it even more! We know it’s an investment to have the hair of your dreams, so why wouldn’t you take care of it afterwards???

So, we thought we’d give you a couple tips to help protect your hair this summer!

Summer Hair Damage Tip One: Give your hair a treatment!

Zazou offers Signature Express Hair Masks that help moisturize and restore the proteins your hair is lacking from hanging out in the sun! Upgrade your service for $10 and treat your hair. Bonus: Get $10 off when you buy the take home hair mask. See some of the options below!

Davines Veggie Miracle

Davines Vegetarian Miracle

It moisturizes hair in depth making it soft and shiny. It improves comb-ability and helps make the hair structure even.



Dry Hair Mask

La Biosthetique Dry Hair Mask

The intensive hair care mask regenerates and strengthens very dry, damaged, stressed hair. It gives it noticeable elasticity, bounce and softness.



Summer Hair Tip Two: Repair those split ends!

Nobody likes split ends. Never fear! There’s something out their that can help! A few things actually… simply apply from midshaft to ends and you’re good to go!

La Bio Silky Spliss Repair

La Biosthetique Silky Spliss Repair

Anti-split ends care fluid seals porous hair ends, smoothens them and protects them against further dehydration.



Summer Hair Repair Tip Three: Prevent colour fading!!

While the sprays are one defence against colour fading, it’s also important to use colour safe shampoo and conditioner to extend the length of your hair colour as well. Proper use of the right homecare products recommended by a professional can really make all the difference! Here’s just a few to consider!

La Bio Protection Couleur

La Biosthetique Protection Couleur

Repairs, protects, hydrates hair while protecting colour against fading. Seals the hair’s cuticle for colour locking shine and enhances vibrancy of warm and cool tones with pigment refreshers.
Protection against environmental damage and UV rays.
Up to 73% improved colour durability.


Davines MINU


Davines Minu

Our new favourite! It’s an award winning product that’s ideal for coloured hair. It’s formula is designed to gently cleanse coloured hair, protecting the colour and keeping it shiny for a longer period of time. It illuminates your colour!


Come and talk to an expert today if you want to find what’s right for you!