Post Summer Hair Care Tips

After a sun-filled summer of heat, UV rays, drinks, friends and family, and vacations I’m sure you’re feeling super revitalized!

That’s great! Now that summer is coming to a close it’s time to get back to that routine. Have you thought about your hair? How has your hair fared this summer with all the exposure to sun, salt water, and humidity? Feeling a little dry? Split ends? Colour faded a bit? Have no fear! Now’s the perfect time to start reversing and repairing any possible damage done from having such a great time this summer!

Step Number 1: GET A HAIRCUT

Yes, we know you love the length but those split ends have to go! While you’re here, why not change it up for fall and do a hair transformation! Shorter blunt lobs are all the rage right now. They’re trendy, easy to care for, and your hair will feel so healthy! Not ready to commit to a big change? No big deal, even a seasonal trim does the trick to maintaining your hair’s overall health and style. Split ends only get worse overtime so stop delaying and book in ASAP. It is recommended to at least book a haircut once a season and even sooner if you want to maintain the shape of a shorter cut. Walk into work, school or the grocery store (wherever you’re going) feeling great!



So, you have a new awesome haircut that you want to toss some flat iron curls into or smooth down those fly-aways? You need to protect your hair even from a quick blowdry! Spritz in some heat protector beforehand. Heat really does damage your hair. It can make those split ends come back even sooner and you can fry your hair, making it look limp and fragile. Try out the La Biosthetique Heat Protector. Heat protection can help protect your hair from all of these things and can also help infuse your hair with moisture. Finish off any heat styling with a finishing serum or cream like La Biosthetique Hydrating Fluid or Davines Oi Oil for extra soft, shiny hair.


Step Number 3: CONDITION!!!!!

Definitely choose a conditioner that suits your hair type and needs. Ask your professional hairstylist for a recommendation. Professional retail lines offer a range of conditioners that focus on your hair’s unique needs. For example, you can find one that is strictly for adding moisture or for colour protection. If you need help detangling there’s a great one from Davines called Melu that we highly recommend. After summer you will find your hair feels quite dry. Try out the Aveda Dry Remedy Conditioner or La Biosthetique Conditioneur DRY. It is also highly recommended to use a deep conditioning mask once a week. Not only does it pack your hair full of moisture and/or protein, it’s a great preventative to further hair damage. These masks are best applied from the mid shaft of your hair to your ends and left on for about 5 to 10 minutes. We highly recommend the Davines Minu Hair Mask or the La Biosthetique DRY Masque.

It’s not too late! Of course continue to enjoy the rest of your summer swimming in the pool, the beach, or the lake and soak up the remaining rays. But help your hair out a little bit with these simple steps and you’re on your way to beautiful, healthy hair!