The next stage in an apprenticeship at Zazou is the Personal Assistant (PA) or otherwise known as Colour Technician Assistants.

What does this involve?

  • Apprentices take a tough 2 day exam that they must pass marked by our Education Lead.
  • For six months an apprentice has a mentor hairstylist in which they apply all colour services from solid colour to highlighting for their mentor’s guests.
  • The mentor and apprentice consult with a guest and formulate a colour and application technique together.
  • A PA has to first shadow their mentor to see how the mentor consults with their guests, how they apply colour, and how they expect their guest’s service experience to be.
  • Once the shadow shifts are complete they then spend a month, prior to working with guests directly, bringing in models to practice their mentor’s colouring techniques and to ensure their mentor that they are ready to work with their guests and their colour applications meet their expectations.
  • If an apprentice is not yet ready, their start date for booking guests in is pushed back until their stylist feels they are ready.  This is to ensure that our guests are still achieving the results they are looking for!
  • It is important to keep in mind they are still students so they work a little slower and may not be as talkative as they will need to concentrate.

This July Sammie, Gabby, Todd, and Tasha all passed their Personal Assistant exam and you will find them with their mentors on the following days.

  • Sammie is Shaun’s Personal Assistant on Sundays & Mondays.
  • Tasha is Jude’s Personal Assistant on Saturdays
  • Todd is Annette’s Personal Assistant on Wednesdays
  • Gabby is Heather’s Personal Assistant on Fridays