NEW Skin Regimen from Comfort Zone

Skin Regimen from Comfort Zone is a complete longevity diet for the skin. An integrated, innovative, holistic approach that corrects the existing signs of aging, prolongs youthfulness and enhances the global well-being, inside and out.

Our skin never lies. The age on our passport does not always correspond to our biological age, the true age of our body and skin!  Our face, our wrinkles, reveal our history and lifestyle.  Aging cannot be stopped but it can be effectively contrasted by deeply understanding what accelerates it and what can be done to reduce its effects.

Our skin is not only a protection, it is also the reflection of what happens inside our body, day after day. It is the result of what we eat, feel and do: in a word our “lifestyle”.


There are 4 main processes related to our lifestyle that can contribute to accelerating or contrasting aging:

  • INFLAMMATION excessive immunity response caused by unbalanced lifestyle consequence: compromised skin health and beauty, visible irritation, sensitivity.
  • OXIDATION free radicals attack caused by stress, smog, smoke and metabolic reactions consequence: skin cellular unbalance, wrinkles.
  • GLYCATION sugars attack caused by junk food consequence: collagen and elastin damage, loss of tone and elasticity.
  • METHYLATION compromised cell replication

Correcting our lifestyle is key: the first preventive medicine is consciousness and self-care.

A new advanced scientific holistic approach is necessary including spa and skin care regimens, customized physical activity, indications of correct nutrition, as well as food supplements to compensate what cannot be achieved otherwise.

Stress management remains a key aspect: this can be achieved thanks to the support of valid professionals, doctors and researchers, but also professionals in the well-being industry.

Zazou offers this new holistic approach to skin care with our In Your Face Custom Facials.

The homecare line is a very active and compact line to be used throughout the four seasons. Thanks to different textures and consistency, SKIN REGIMEN covers the needs of both younger skin with first signs of aging as well as very mature, deeply wrinkled, depleted skin.

Ask your skin therapist for details on the benefits of receiving a skin regimen facial