NEW Méthode Régénérante Skincare

Whoever wants to keep their skin young has to understand it: why does our body’s biggest organ age? Physiological research has shown that up to 80 percent of aging processes are caused by deep irritations in the skin, triggered by free radicals. These slow down the cells’ ability to regenerate, which is known as delayed aging. Consequently, the cells are no longer able to cope with the many little daily reactive processes. These processes are initially not even noticeable. However, coupled with impairments of the micro–circulation and the skin’s increasingly reduced collagen content, the first lines are visible from as early an age as 30. The skin loses resilience and looks tired and sallow.

Méthode Régénérante naturally corrects the causes of the skin’s slower ability to regenerate, known as delayed aging. Multi–active, skin–related lipo amino acids are basic building blocks of the skin cells that activate their energy, and improve their ability to regenerate and become more durable. The skin’s improved oxygen supply boosts the microcirculation and makes the skin glow. Wrinkles are reduced, the skin becomes plumper and firmer and this makes you look younger.


CLAIR DE TEINT JEUNESSE: The rich, gently moisturising cleansing milk cleanses the skin and maintains its biological balance without dehydration. It leaves the skin feeling wonderfully relaxed and velvety soft. To cleanse the skin apply the cleansing milk to face, neck and décolleté and rinse with warm water.

VISALIX JEUNESSE: The refreshing, skin–smoothing hydro–essence after cleansing. A special, highly effective wheat– based moisture complex closely connects to the top layer of skin and ensures its long–term moisture supply. After cleansing, apply Visalix Jeunesse to face, neck and décolleté, and directly after gently massage the individual care cream into slightly moist skin.

CREME VITALITE: Winged kelp extract from the cool waters of Brittany revitalises the skin cells, and gives skin as young as 25 more radiance and vitality. Crocus bulb active ingredients stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin in the connective tissue. Substances from rice and sugar beet protect the cells from oxidative stress. The result: a radiantly fresh complexion and an elastic and smooth skin.

ELIXIR VITALITE: The revitalising oil concentrate is ideal for any type of dry skin. It surrounds the skin with a delicately protective coat and gives it new energy and freshness. A whole package of nourishing plant active ingredients promotes rapid regeneration. Winged kelp stimulates cell activity, lupin acts as a collagen booster. The fine oil from blackcurrant seed and sunflower oil concentrate improve the structure of the outer protective barrier and impart soothing relaxation to dry skin, giving it new smoothness and a soft glow.

MENULPHIA JEUNESSE CONTOUR: Tightening eye care for bright eyes. The eye area is particularly sensitive and prone to dryness and fine lines. That is why it is affected early on by signs of aging. A special eye contour care can combat these ahead of time. The result: look up to 15 years younger!

PEELING ENZYMATIQUE: Enzymatic peel with triple effect: Activates skin renewal, stimulates the cleansing process and smooths the skin with an extra boost of moisture. After just one application, the skin looks visibly more radiant. Applied regularly over several weeks, this effect leads to a radical improvement in the overall skin surface. The result is a lovely sight: a much finer and flawless complexion

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