NEW Men’s Products you’ve got to check out!

Bluebeards Beard WashFor the freshest beard possible. Fresh Mint Beard Wash will leave your beard clean and soft. Real peppermint and menthol stimulate your skin and add shine to dull facial hair. Amino acids lock in moisture and condition the beard.

  • Peppermint and menthol are the real deal — not artificial fragrances
  • Paraben free
  • Wheat amino acids condition the beard

Next, for the most sensitive skin and beards we have…

Bluebeards Original Unscented Beard Wash

Blended with Aloe and Vitamin E to soften and smooth the wildest of beards without any lingering scent. Fights frizz and flakes while enhancing natural shine.

Size: 8.0 oz. $26.25


  Razor Blade SharpenerTired of buying razor blades constantly? Ever reach to go switch a razor blade only to be completely out? Here we come to your rescue…NEW! Razorblade Sharpener. With the patented RazorPit and its friction technology, you can remove residues of hair, skin and soap that makes your blade feel dull after only a few shaves. RazorPit makes your razor blade last for up to 150 shaves!!!

This item is $25.25


Kent Shaving Cream75.00 ml. tube of Kent’s famous menthol skin conditioning shaving cream. The best cream you will ever use!

Size: 75mL / $15.75


  Castle Forbes Pre-Shave & After-ShaveFor the classiest of men possible, I present to you Castle Forbes Pre-Shave and After-Shave.Castle Forbes offers this handy travel-sized version of their lime essential oil aftershave balm.

  • Doesn’t contain any alcohol, so it’s great for men who have a hard time with the drying effects of that ingredient.
  • Soothes tones and revitalizes skin but does it in a very gentle way.
  • No more combating rashes and burns with dehydration and more burning, essentially, as this uses witch hazel as its active astringent ingredient.
  • Lightly scented with citrus notes derived from the natural lime essential oils.
  • Made in Scotland!!!!!!!!

Size: 50ml / 1.7fl oz / $33.60



The ultimate shaving set

Seduce any man with this amazing gift!The MenEssentials 3-piece Shaving Set in Black contains some of the most recognized traditional wet shaving tools in the industry and is perfect for shavers of any skill level.

Items included in this set:

  • Merkur “Model 180” MK-23001 Double Edge Safety Razor
  • Progress Vulfix VX-22B Pure Badger Shaving Brush with Black Handle
  • MenEssentials Universal Razor/Brush Stand in chrome finish

This beautiful gift set retails for $157.50