NEW La Biosthetique Dry Hair Line

The evil enemies of hair:

  • UV radiation and salt water, 
  • Incorrect colouring
  • Hot blow drying
  • Straightening irons

What do these do to the poor hairs on your head?

The protective cuticle layer is now closer to the hair shaft, the outer layer is broken and moisture is lost. The hair becomes porous and brittle. Light can not be reflected. And where there is no light, there is no gloss. In particular, the ends look frayed and split asunder. No! Not split ends!

Healthy, supple hair with a shiny silky look sounds much better right? This dry hair tragedy has only one remedy: cultivate, nurture and cultivate again – with intensity. With the proper hair care line hair breakage can be reduced by up to 70 percent. No chance for dry, damaged hair!

The new La Biosthétique DRY HAIR line has a concentrated powerful cocktail of highly effective natural ingredients and a sophisticated formulation.
that fights dry brittle hair with lipids, proteins and precious plant extracts.

Confirmed scientifically documented results:

  • Up to 34% more suppleness – even after 24 hours.