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New and Improved Comfort Zone Hydramemory System

The solution for all skin and weather conditions.

Comfort Zone’s Hydramemory Line is a favourite because it is an excellent 24h deep hydration system.  The Line has now been expanded to include a Cream gel and a Serum.

Familiar and New products are listed below:

Hydramemory Serum – Excellent source of water. Can be used daily.

Hydramemory Fluid – Great for young skins and hot climates. Provides prolonged hydration. Can be used daily

Hydramemory Cream Gel – This product is great for any weather and skin condition.  Provides prolonged hydration for any skin type. Can be used daily.

Hydramemory Extra Cream 24h – This is a product for very dehydrated skin and cold climates.  It is an amazing hydrating and nourishing face cream. Can be used daily.

Hydramemory Hydramask – This is an intensive treatment that can be done once or twice a week to perfect your hydrolipidic balance and provide deep 24h hydration, in order to give your skin new vitality.

For more information on these awesome products click here!  More product information on the new products in the line will be available soon!