Myths about Zazou BUSTED

Our team members do get asked some recurring questions and hear statements from our guests and potential guests about Zazou that we thought it was time to clear up! Our mission is to ensure every guest receives an exceptional experience and part of that is to be transparent with our guests. Here they are!

Myths about Zazou

Myth 1: We don’t have children’s pricing.

We don’t have pricing specific to children, however, we do have prices starting at $35 with our Junior Stylists and we are happy to schedule children for haircut services. Your child will receive the same service an adult will. Believe it or not, a lot of children have just as much hair as adults (if not more) and require the same amount of attention to detail. Children also have a tendency to move around during appointments which can extend the length of time needed for a haircut. If your child is wanting a colour service we do have an adult permission form your stylist may require the parent or guardian to sign to approve the service for any child 16 and under if they feel it’s necessary.


Myth 2: It’s impossible to achieve the minimum amount of loyalty points for redemption.

Not true! Every rewards member receives one point per dollar spent on services, two points per dollar spent on retail products, and double the points for prebooking. You will also receive 1000 points when you refer a new guest to us. There is also lots of opportunity throughout the year to collect extra points. For example, we may have a promotion on the purchase of a specific product or service and you will gain extra points. There will also be little gifts and goodies available throughout the year that you will be able to redeem your points towards. Keep your eyes out!

Myth 3: Hair consultations aren’t needed for hair extensions, colour corrections, or fashion colours.

They 100% are necessary. Why? Because we need to assess the integrity of your hair, your current hair colour (if any), the length and thickness of your hair, and then be able to appropriately schedule the correct amount of time and provide you with a quote. We also require a 50% deposit to reserve the time if the service is over 3 hours to uphold our 48 hour cancellation notice for large services. These are big changes and we want to ensure you receive an exceptional experience!

Myth 4: Toners aren’t needed.

Toners may or may not be needed depending on the results you are looking for. A toner removes any unevenness that could be a result of previous hair colour in the hair or differences in hair texture and to give extra shine and an overall cohesive colour. Basically, it removes any unwanted tones. It is up to the discretion of your stylist and is $35. Concierge will most likely schedule this with your appointment to ensure there is enough time in case it’s required. Toners are required for all balayage/ombre appointments.

Myth 5: There shouldn’t be an extra charge for a blowdry vs. express dry

An express dry is complimentary because it is strictly a quick dry. A stylist has 15 minutes to wash the colour out of your hair and then rough dry it to show you the colour. It’s a nice option if you have a tight schedule, are planning on going straight home or going to yoga! A full blowdry and style starts at $35 because this service requires the stylist to section out the hair to achieve your overall desired style. If you would like a detailed blowdry and style it starts at $45 and they can then use a hot tool to add in some flat iron curls or straighten your hair. 30 to 45 minutes is required and more technique is needed for this service and therefore there is a charge for the stylist’s time.

Myth 6: You don’t need to prebook.

Why do our stylists recommend prebooking? Well, in order to maintain your colour and cut we will always recommend to prebook for your next appointment. Think of it like your dentist or mechanic. You need to keep up on your teeth cleaning or your oil change on a regular basis. Your hair is the same! On average you will start to notice your haircut loosing it’s shape, split ends re-appearing, and your roots showing sometime between 6 to 8 weeks. The benefit is you will get the time you prefer with your stylist and then there’s no stress to find an appointment time when you need it a few days before hand. Generally, our stylists book up weeks in advance (especially coming up to holidays) so we can’t always guarantee that your stylist will be available when you want or need to book an appointment.

We’ll remind you! We have text message confirmations that go out two days before your appointment and we also have email reminders three days before. If you don’t confirm with text message we will also give you a call! We only require 12 hours notice to reschedule so if something has come up you have a few days to make any changes.

We hope we have cleared some things up for you and thank you again for your patronage to Zazou!