Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2016

What do we like to see for men’s hair? FADES! We saw a lot of fades, pompadours, and long hairstyles this year for men. Why not bring on some more bolder versions?! Check out what you can expect for men’s hairstyles 2016.


Bolder Higher Pompadour

Bolder Higher Pompadours


  • Style them higher boys, I mean David has it right.




Long hair short sides


Longer hair shorter sides


  • Letting it a bit loose is a pretty good look too…




High Fade Long Hair



High Fade Long Hair on Top


  • If you’re going to go for it you may as well go for it!




Skin Fade with Beard

Skin fade with beard


  • Can’t go wrong with this look




Short Sides Textured Long Hair

Short Sides Long Textured Top


  • Fun and sexy




Hard Part

Hard Part Pompadour


  • Skilled barbering skills required!




Slick Pompadour

Slick Pompadour


  • Get that suave celebrity style with some great product and a great haircut