When it comes to doing our makeup we all have the same goal: to make our eyes look brighter, bigger and more awake.

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1) ALMOND EYES: The ideal shape to work with because you can do almost anything with them. Most symmetrical and most common. When applying makeup you are aiming to increase the depth and intensity of your eyes.


2) DEEP SET EYES: This eye shape is shadowed by a prominent brow bone and you may find that your eyelids appear to be hidden because the eyebrows are close to your eyes. The goal with deep set eyes is to help pop them open with light colours. Use a lighter shade of colour on the visible eyelid and a darker shade on the crease and above.


3) CLOSE SET EYES: The biggest trick with close set eyes is to keep the lightest colours on the inner corner of your eye. You want to graduate your colour from light to deep, going from inside to outside. When it comes to liner, only swipe it across two-thirds of your eye as this is going to give the same illusion that the eyes are further apart than they actually are


4) WIDE SET EYES: The eyeshadow should not extend beyond the outside corner of the eye to make the appearance of the eyes closer together rather than farther apart. Concentration of interest is at the centre of the eyelid.


5) HOODED EYES: A hooded eye is where you can barely see the lid. With this shape of eye, people see your eyes horizontally. When you apply shadow vertically you’re opening up the eyes.


6) PROMINENT/ PROTRUDING EYES: With a prominent eye shape, sometimes known as a bulging eye, it is best to stick to nudes and neutrals. You’re trying to softly recede a prominent eye, but if you go too dark it’s going to look more bulging. If your using bright colours, apply them below your bottom lashes so you’re creating a shift of focus. Skipping eyeliner and opting for longer lashes such as false ones will also set the eye back


7) DROOPY/DOWNTURNED EYES: Droopy eyes are when the outer corners of the eyes pull down. This happens frequently with hooded eyes and also in more mature women. Keep the outside of the eye extra light so the focus is upward. With liner, it is best to really extend it up and out, creating a cat eye of sorts so the outside corner is pulled away from the eye completely and lifts it up.


  BLUE EYES: brown, camel, taupe, violet, grey and blue
  GREEN EYES: plum, purple, mauve, pink, dark grey, charcoal and all shades of brown
  BROWN/HAZEL EYES: blue, blue/grey, plum