Make-up by BELAVANCE – La Biosthetique

With the BELAVANCE range, La Biosthetique has complemented the Total Beauty Concept with a make up collection that perfectly blends high quality skin care with trend driven colours. The line includes a wide range of products, textures, and colours that are always based on current fashion and colour trends.

BELAVANCE is make up designed through advances in skincare.  Make up products are extremely gentle and contain pure ingredients for high pigment, natural cosmetic care. This make up collection fulfills every demand the modern woman wants from her make up.

Make up is BIOMIMETIC, meaning it mimics your skin’s natural proteins and molecules that our skin produces naturally. It is based on ingredients essential for our skin for hydration, oils, and minerals.These ingredients include minerals such as copper, zinc, and magnesium. Oils such as fatty acids that help nourish the skin, keep it elastic and prevents dryness. Hyaluoronique acid for hydration.

Make up is tested in Dermalogical University clinics focusing on post cancer patients with extreme sensitive skin, proving this make up line is suitable for all skin types no matter the sensitivity.

Come visit us today for a complimentary make up touch up and skin consultation to figure out the best make up suited just for you!