La Biosthetique Anti Frizz

Are you finding your hair is getting a little frizzy with the ever changing weather of Vancouver?  Are you wanting to tame unruly hair? What you need is something where you can find the right care and style for unmanageable hair.

The solution is La Biosthetique ANTI FRIZZ!

It gets to the root of frizzy hair with a long-term anti-frizz guarantee of up to 48 hours.

What does it do for you?

  • The hair’s moisture balance is stabilized for long lasting results and protects your hair against changing environmental conditions
  • Hair is protected against static caused by dry air and frizziness caused by high humidity
  • Unruly hair is gently smoothed
  • The hair is given shine and silky style-ability
  • Controlled durability guaranteed to give 48 hours of lasting individual style