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KeraStraight Smoothing Treatment

Do you want easy to maintain straight hair for the summer weather?

There is a new product on the market called KeraStraight. This creation is completely free of formaldehyde!! It is a semi-permanent treatment that keeps your hair smooth and straight for up to four months.

KeraStraight is the latest in straightening and repair. It is completely safe for both consumer and the Stylist. It is so safe that it has even been okay’d for use during pregnancy and breast feeding. The formula is based on the hairs natural Keratin protein that, when used, keeps the hair straight for months. The treatment can be performed on all hair types including colour treated and bleached hair. Stylists recommend that colour treatments should be applied two days prior to or two days after treatment.

If you would like to see further information on the process of a KeraStraight Treatment visit the KeraStraight website by clicking here!

I have seen this treatment performed in front of me and let me tell you, it definitely works! The difference from start to finish is incredible. So why flat iron your hair day after day this summer, when you can try KeraStraight for months of beautiful smooth hair?!

Quick Facts: New KeraStraight


1) Kerastraight KS Complex Treatment is a semi-permanent hair repair, straightening system that provides unrivalled condition, shine and strength for up to 4 months.

2) KeraStraight is not a Permanent Straightener.  It is based on the hairs natural protein Keratin.  It will fade out over time.

3) Hair can be coloured either 2 days before the service or alternatively 2 days after.

4)  KeraStraight  KS Complex is completely safe to use during pregnancy and while breast feeding.

For more facts click here!

Call Zazou today for additional information and to set up an appointment. Wouldn’t you want to have a care free summer with straight hair that you don’t have to flat iron? Think about the time you would save, more time for the beach!