James’ Fashion Show!

Congratulations James!! He passed his Junior Stylist Fashion Show exam on Feb. 26th, 2017 with flying colours!!! (Literally) He has graduated from the Zazou Advanced Academy Program to an Accomplished Stylist!!!

It took patience, dedication, and talent and he did it! We’re so proud of you James! Check out his Instagram page here!

James’ theme was Classic with a Twist. The fashion show is an opportunity for our Junior Stylists to showcase their talent and skills that they have been working on for the last few years in order to graduate. They have 12 models to create their vision to coincide with their theme.

Requirements to pass include showcasing a Bob, Women’s Short Haircut, Classic Men’s Cut, Men’s Fade, Men’s Colour, Men’s Creative Cut & Colour, Men’s Long Haircut, Women’s Long Haircut, Women’s Creative Colour, Avante Garde Updo, Classic Updo, Bleach out (James’ is incredible!), Higlighting, and Balayage.