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It’s that time of year again! What’s hot in fashion?

Can you believe it! On Wednesday, Oct. 26th there was snow on Grouse Mountain.  Here it comes again! Are you prepared?

Perhaps the winter tires haven’t been pulled out of the garage and the gloves and mittens are stubbornly sitting in the closet, however, you can be prepared for the winter fashions this year!

What’s in for the winter of 2011 – 2012 (hopefully the end of June this time if we’re lucky).

Expect to see the retro trend continuing on into the new year with fashions that are being brought back from the 20’s.  Flapper girl dresses are predicted to be the big fashion statement this season….hopefully with a modern spin! Don’t worry, we will still continue to see those elegant transitional styles that many of us saw in the movie ‘Black Swan’ so expect to see many “ballerina like styles” on the runway!

What is the predicted colour fav for this coming season?

Well “Fashion Allure reports that burgundy is the colour that takes home the proverbial gold this fall”.

Want to know the top three fashion styles this year?

According to WGSN, “the leading website dedicated to analyzing fashion statements and trends”, the three top styles of winter 2011 and 2012 are “macro styles refered to as, ‘Faux Real,’ ‘Your Space,’ and ‘360°’.”

“Faux Real”                    “Your Space”                   “360°”

To read more on these fabulous styles check out this awesome article by Digital Journal! Click here!