How to make an eye glowing effect in January

Comfort Zone Eye Supreme Cream Gel

A cool moisturizing and anti-stress cream-gel that visibly reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Ideal for contact lenses wearers and people who spend hours in front of the computer.


How it works:

  • With an aloe extract, rich in amino acids and sugars, revitalizes cellular metabolism. When the skin regains its optimum level of cellular vitality, it becomes more receptive and maximizes the absorption of the cream’s active ingredients.
  • Combats dark circles by energizing the capillary walls and consequently eliminating the pigment derived from the degradation of hemoglobin, responsible for dark circles, as well as inflammation in the eye region. 


  • Signs of skin stress and aging are reduced.
  • Dark circles are reduced.
  • Puffiness is reduced