Hard Wax


Hard wax is a fast growing trend in North America and is an exceptional alternative method for hair removal (compared to strip wax). Hard Wax is suitable for all skin types, but is particularly beneficial to anyone who has concerns with thin or maturing skin, as well as anyone who experiences extra sensitivity during and after waxing.  It’s a great otpion for everyone and all hair types.

Hard wax is applied in a similar fashion to strip wax but does not require a strip to be removed.  Once the wax has been applied to the skin, it is left to harden.  While the wax is setting, the product shrinks and slowly wraps around each individual hair.  At this time, the wax slowly lifts off the surface of the skin and in now only gripping the hair.  No strip is required for removal – the wax itself turns into a strip.  Since the wax is not stuck to your skin there is absolutely NO pulling on the skin, which then ensures less pain and will minimize redness after waxing.

Hard Wax is great for any area on the body prone to excess sensitivities, or anywhere on the body that has thin or thinning skin.  It is ideal for all facial waxing, underarms, and the bikini area.


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