Grad & Bridal Hair 2018

We’re so excited to start seeing the brides for 2018 come in for their wedding day hair! With so much planning and organization that goes into a wedding we thought we’d try and narrow down some of the top styles we expect to see this year.

Wanting some inspiration this bride and grad season for some of the top trendy updo’s and downdo’s for 2018? Check out our board below.

The textured low bun.
  • Beautiful, elegant, chic. Add an accessory to add a little flare to the style.
  • This is a great choice because it’s an easier style to maintain throughout the day.







Downdo Styles
  • Boho, simple, romantic.
  • This is an excellent choice, especially for bridesmaids, as there’s not a ton of fuss and the less curl the easier to maintain throughout the day as not as much styling aids are needed. Especially good hairstyle for a hot summer day!





Braid Updos
  • Super trendy, full, textured style.
  • Great to make finer hair look fuller and add that boho chic flare to any style. Add in an accessory or flowers to complete the look!






High Bun Updo
  • Stunning, exquisite, classic style.
  • An amazing choice that suits a veil perfectly! It’s great especially for a big traditional wedding and great if you’re wanting to keep your hair out of of your face for the day!





Ponytail Updo
  • Simple, fun, and pretty.
  • Great choice for those looking for a simple style for long hair! Great for bridesmaids, grads and brides!






Check out all the updo styles on our Pinterest Board below!