Fun Day 2015 – The ZAZOU Amazing Race!

The Zazou Team had another epic fun day! We went on an ‘amazing race’ style scavenger hunt in teams with limos (the limos hid around the Dairy Queen to surprise the team)! It was a photo scavenger hunt across North & West Van that were clue based and you had to ask the public to take a photo with all team members included. A friend of Bruce’s, Gwen, put together some pretty amazing clues! Thanks Gwen! Teams has 2 hours and the first team to get the most items correct and make it to the Tap House by 4:30pm won! No kidding, everyone was a sweat ball by the end.

The photos show just where they travelled! There was Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, North Shore News, the Rusty Gull, Lonsdale Quay Q and Seabus station, Queen Mary School, Tim Hortons, the Tomahawk, the Spirit Trail, Lions Gate Bridge, OMG it’s small!, Paintballing, the Grouse Grind to name a few …. literally ALL over.

Thank you to everyone in our community that helped participate in photos or took photos for the teams!  A HUGE thank you to Time Limousine and the drivers for all the stopping and going (I think they had a good time too!).

The winners of the hunt were team 2! Congrats to Dani, Chelsea S, Tessa, Tasha, and Sammie.  They all won a gift bag each valued at $100 and a dinner out on Zazou, and of course the bragging rights.  Their photos are pretty amazing! Runners up were Team 4, Team 5 and 3 tied in third place, and Team 1 placed last (but still had a great time!).

We wound up at The Taphouse in West Van and boarded a party bus to Jericho Beach to play some jumbo Jenga and join the La Biosthetique white party and enjoy the sunshine. Thank you La Bio!

From there the team went on to dance and party some more! Great day…we certainly all felt it the next day…just a bit!

Enjoy the photos! They’re pretty funny.