Our Philosophy

 We Rejuvenate Everyone We Touch!

Zazou Salon & Academy is modern style, industry savvy, fun place to be. Where Zazou clients and the Zazou team are supported, feel safe, listened to and valued. We offer quality, results oriented services, ranging from classic to progressive. The Zazou Salon Team Members are your “go to” people for all your hair needs. Cut, Colour, Styling and Hair Extensions….it’s what we do!


Zazou’s mission is to provide the entire community with the best workmanship, the best service, and the best products


Zazou strives to maintain the highest standards in education and innovation in the industry
The Zazou Team is dedicated to elevating your salon experience
The entire Zazou community is supported, feels safe, listened to and valued.
Zazou offers quality, innovative services ranging from classic to progressive.
Zazou is fiercely competitive. We want to be the best of the best
Zazou is crazy enough to think we can take risks and change the world
Zazou will maintain the family culture as we stumble towards growth
Zazou is committed to sustainability, the Earth, and to improving quality of life
Zazou is committed to our team through personal & professional learning, and coaching
Zazou values others that have the same beliefs and commitments. Your
experience and satisfaction are always our top priority
ZAZOU will open multiple locations on the North Shore maintaining a fun, unique, and personal experience
Zazou is community focused and globally minded.
Zazou wouldn’t be here without your continued feedback. You inspire us.
Zazou is a cool company where we will try and deliver a exceptional experience……… ALWAYZ



Fun, Positive, and Professional

We provide our guests with a positively unique, memorable experience that drives guest excitement and a sense of belonging in an overall welcoming environment that has clients raving about us.


We study and innovate the styles and techniques of today and the future (trends) to meet the ever-changing needs of the guest.

Committed to Company and our Guest Experience

Our company is 100% committed to our team who in turn is 100% committed to delivering an exceptional, consistent guest experience every time.

Community and Environment

We believe it is our core responsibility to take care of our community and our environment. We are ‘Community Focused and Globally Minded’

Goal Oriented in both Education and Personal Success

We are proud to offer one of the best advanced training apprenticeship programs in Canada. We take our training, our mentorship and our careers seriously. We are committed to our team’s success and celebrations.


This is not just a job for us. We love what we do and we show up for our guests. We’re about active listening on both the phone and in the salon chair. We want to address each individual guests’ needs, so guests feel heard and trust that they are in passionate, capable hands.

Our Credo

Environmental responsibility

From the products we use professionally and for retail to recycling. Zazou Salon & Academy is committed to the Earth.

Social responsibility

Team Zazou fundraises for causes locally and internationally, Zazou Salon & Academy is committed to improving the quality of life for all.

Team responsibility

Team Zazou is committed to supporting each other. Through personal & professional learning, coaching and education, Zazou Salon & Acedemy is committed to our team.

100% guaranteed responsibility

Zazou Salon & Academy offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all our products and services, if you’re not happy we’ll ask “How can we help?” Your experience and satisfaction are our top priority.

Cleanliness responsibility

Surpassing the industry norms and expectations, Zazou Salon & Academy is committed to health & hygiene.

Responsibility to well being

Zazou Salon & Academy is committed to mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.


Zazou Salon & Academy is committed to excellence in all we do.

Our History

From Humble Beginnings

Zazou was born in February 1992 as Zazou Hair Studio. It was a friendly 3 chair, 2 employee (Bruce Peters and partner Andrea Holly), 375 square foot hair salon. When Zazou Hair Studio closed its doors in 2008, Bruce Peters rolled out the red carpet (literally), and was joined by friends and new team members alike to celebrate the Grand Opening of Zazou Salon & Spa in February 2008. A progressive 12 chair Salon and Full Service Day Spa, Zazou has expanded into a 2200 square foot space personally designed to provide the North Shore with a downtown experience in its backyard. The culture still remains a unique, friendly, dynamic team.

Zazou has been recognized locally and nationally for its community and customer service, and our progressive talent and creative works. New product lines are continuously introduced that embrace our philosophy of environmental consciousness and superior quality service.



za ● zou – slang French (France) language – adjective
1. tastefully, fine or luxurious in dress, style
2. gracefully refined
3. chic, attractive, elegant


“The Zazous were a subculture in France after World War II. They were young people expressing their individuality by wearing big or garish clothing (similar to the zoot suit fashion in America a few years before) and dancing wildly to swing jazz and bebop. Men wore large lumber jackets, while women wore short skirts, striped stockings and heavy shoes, and often carried umbrellas.”

“We think this could describe the current Zazous also!”