Do you have sensitive or dry, irritated skin?

Do you have sensitive or dry, irritated skin?   Perhaps it’s time to reconsider your skincare program…

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body, responsible for a variety of vital functions contributing to one’s health and well being? The skin responds to both what we take into our bodies, ie food and drink, as well as what we ‘feed’ it from the outside. Using the right products topically is just as important as what you eat.

Drugstore products often contain alcohol, parabens and other ingredients which can do more harm than good. Those products are developed for the mass market, and inevitably miss addressing an individual’s specific needs.

Our spa facials include an individualised professional skin analysis with recommendations on how to improve your skin with your own home care program. In addition, your skin consultation comes with trained and experienced hands, using professional grade products and a healing touch, to give your skin exactly what it needs, while profoundly contributing to your relaxation.

Keeping your skin’s hydration levels balanced ensures a fresh youthful complexion, as well as keeping sensitivities under control. “Heat shock proteins” are produced naturally in the body in stressful conditions to help strengthen the defense barrier of the skin, while white tea extract helps to protect the capillaries. Comfort Zone’s Skin Resonance system minimizes skin sensitivities and prevents capillary deterioration by imitating nature and delivering heat shock proteins and white tea extract directly to the skin.

Long lasting solutions to symptoms of dehydrated skin such as blemishes or areas of irritation, can be deceptively hard to find. Trehalose is a hydro-active sugar derived from desert plants which are known to withstand many years of total drought, yet come back to life undamaged. Trehalose does this by creating a film around cells to prevent the evaporation of water, binding the water molecules within the epidermis, to provide long lasting hydration. Hydramemory products are excellent for restoring the hydration to your skin, with the use of Trehalose.

So why not come in and see one of our Skin Therapists for an individually customized facial, and let us make your skin the best it can be!

*Regular massage sessions can improve the body’s ability to have a deep restful night’s sleep — one of the requirements for good health and beautiful skin.  Proper diet, sleep and excercise is a must!