Dermal Institute Chinese Face Analysis

The spa team attended an educational seminar at the Dermal Institute Vancouver to learn about ‘reading’ the signals people’s bodies sometimes ‘shouts’ out through the face and skin. This helps skin therapists feel much more prepared with the information necessary to customize a skin care treatment for each individual guest and to achieve the results we are all seeking.  They can now take what they have learned and apply it with your service!

It was a great event with Charmaine Cooper, the Education Manager, as the guest speaker. She discussed how to read the past, present and future of a client’s skin through Chinese Face Analysis.

What is Chinese Face Analysis?

“In traditional Chinese medicine, the face is an indicator of health or disease. By studying skin conditions and changes, we can determine inner imbalances and stressed areas of the body. Because each area of the face is said to relate to an internal body area, disharmony in that internal area will, in turn, lead to a change in the complexion, texture or moisture of the corresponding facial area. In general, red, pustular breakouts are indicative of Yang-type energy, and oily, comedone-prone breakouts are indicative of Yin-type energy. Lines indicate a long-term imbalance or stress, while breakouts indicate a more short-term imbalance or stress.” To read more click here! ~ From the Dermal Institute website