Cross Promotion Contest Winner!

Many of you are probably familiar with these vases with the eggs?  They were up at the front underneath the Team Annette and Team Cara signs! Inside those eggs were $5, $10, and $20 Zazou Dollar cards (and a chocolate surprise!).  If you came in for a hair service and booked in the spa at a future date after your haircut (or vice versa) you got to choose an egg! Everyone was convinced the green ones had the $20 dollar ones in it…always a surprise! 😉  Not only that, you helped out your hair stylist, esthetician, or concierge that you booked it with because they got to put the egg in their team’s vase.

Everyone had a great time and we got very competitive towards the end! Thank you to everyone who helped out our team members so their team could win the grand prize of a day off work to do fun activities in Vancouver along with meeting up with the rest of the team for a boat cruise fun day!