Calling all men!…we’re bringing it here. What a great thing to add onto any men’s hair or spa service to achieve the smoothest, closest shave!  Hot towel shaving has been an art of the hair industry…forever.  Put down that old electric razor and experience the magic of a straight razor service, and your cheeks will never be softer!


What are the benefits?  

  • A longer lasting shave…adds 4 days to your life kinda thing
  • Clean lines for the facial hair you wish to keep…the mutton chops
  • Reduce fine lines, dryness and wrinkles…for real
  • If your skin is easily irritated after a shave or you experience redness or a shaving rash…straight razor reduces the chances of these effects.  Yes, it’s possible
  • Overall, it’s a relaxing experience and a much more comfortable shave
  • It’s much more environmentally friendly! No more throwing out old razor blades at home when your done with a cartridge. The ONLY waste that is created is from our environmentally friendly shaving cream used at Zazou, and we’re partnered with Green Circle Salons who come and collect hair products and chemicals to have them recycled properly disposed of decreasing our waste up to 95%
  • What else?  It’s just COOL!

Stay tuned for more information and we can’t wait to book you in!