Bow Wow “Your Dogs Home Away From Home”

Are you looking for the perfect local place to board your do while you go on vacation?  Here’s a little bit about Barb @ Bow Wow. She offers a great boarding service that is right in our neighbourhood and provides an alternative solution to putting your puppy in a kennel while you go away.

“I love to travel and for the most part have always taken my dogs along on my adventures. However, this was not always possible and when looking to board my dogs I was not happy with the kennelling option. Asking family or friends presented other problems. So I traveled in the U.S. and Mexico where my dogs could go with me while I fished, kayaked and explored.

A Culinary Arts graduate I worked for the past 17 years as a cook at a city daycare where I ran a very successful hot lunch program for children 2 to 5 years of age. I wanted to retire but hesitated because I loved my career with the children and staff. What I didn’t love was the commute.

The question became what else do I love to do? Easy for me because I love the north shore. I spend every day walking with my dog and friends in our local forests.

I also love dogs. I have always rescued a dog when looking for a new pet. My husband and I have always had a dog and I can’t really imagine life without one. The care and training that goes along with ownership has always been a joy.

I opened Bow Wow Bed and Board in 2014. I could create for others what I was looking for when boarding my dog. An in home boarding service where the dog is integrated into the home setting. Routine can be kept as close to at home as possible. With lots of fresh air and exercise for all. Seniors are welcome of course.” ~ Barb


Barb @ Bow Wow