Wikipedia:        Blond – ah – rex – ee – aah

The disorder wherein one perceives their hair to be of a brown tint, no matter how blonde their hair actually is, often resulting in “Courtney Love Hair”.

Blondarexia, by definition, is me in a nutshell.  Everytime I would get my colour done, I would still never feel blonde enough.  I always thirsted for more. Now, I have what I want, kind of, but I’m paying for it with the health of my hair.  Take it from a professional, it’s not good to get too light-happy with your hair, or you will start to have some seriously pooched locks on your head!

However, if you are like me, you must, I repeat, MUST, use professional damage control shampoos and conditioners, and even go as far as using deep conditioning treatments at least once per week.

I beg of you, my fellow Blondarexians, take care of that beautiful blondeness that you’ve worked so hard to get!!                                                                 ~ Lindsey