blending lipstick and liners

While playing with lipstick colours, I happened upon a few combinations of liners and lipstick that not many ladies would know to try. It is common to match a liner colour with a lip colour so that both are either the exact same shade, or perhaps the liner a slightly darker hue. However, if you mix complimentary colours that are not the same colour, you can end up with a great customized multi-tonal hue. I tried a few different combinations with our Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics line. I mixed the “Berry” lip liner with the “Halle” Puremoist lipstick. “Berry” is a rich colour and it’s name is self explanatory (raspberry/blackberry mix). “Halle” is a neutral red. If blended properly this results in a rich red/plum colour, with deep edges blending into a sultry red lip. I also tried “Plum” lip liner, which is a neutral, almost ripe plum, colour. I mixed it with “Daisy” lipstick, which is a light, soft pink with a bit of a sheen to it. This results in a purple toned pink colour and will make any shape of lip pop! Finally, I liked using the “Crimson” lip liner with “Renee” lipstick. “Crimson” is crimson; a vampy, glamour-red colour, while “Renee” is a bright, rich pink. If blended properly, this results in a glamorous deep pink tone, perfect for a bright pout.

Something to keep in mind is that Jane Iredale uses minerals to produce her colours, as opposed to chemical dyes. This VERY important to keep your skin healthy and youthful looking, as chemical dyes will dry out your skin and can cause wrinkling. The PureMoist Lip Colours have a sunscreen of SPF 18, which is also important for young-looking plump lips. Her lip liners are FD&C-dye free, which means they are gentle enough to use on your entire face, whether it be your eyes or cheeks, as well as your lips.

An awesome tip if you forgot your blush at home: use your lip liner to draw a small circle on the back of your hand and fill it in. Your hand’s own body heat will make it a bit creamier, so after a couple seconds, use your finger to wipe a bit off of your hand and blend it into your cheekbone. Be sure not to use too much and to blend it completely so the colour isn’t streaky. This is similar to using a cream blush. ~Gaby