It isn’t just a stereotype that blondes have more FUN. This is the perfect hair identity for those who identify themselves as a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY. BRIGHT BLONDES don’t take themselves too seriously and their good mood is infectious. They flourish in environments with plenty of people because making friends is second nature for them.


OPI Neon Collection: Orange You a Rock Star?

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Scrunch & Glow Scrunchie: The Goddess Scrunch

Brunette the Label “BLONDE” Crew Neck

Glam Colour Crystal 0.07 by La Biosthetique

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Glam Color Advanced .07 Crystal reduces undesirable yellow reflections in platinum blonde and grey hair and creates an elegant cool shade with guaranteed colour neutralisation that lasts three to five washes. The hair is given a radiant silver shine.

Sea Salt Spray by Davines

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Ideal for a tousled, beachy, full-bodied look with a matte finish.