10 Makeup Tips To Look Great In Pictures

How to look great in photographs is a question many women ask. We want to know how to look good in picture’s so we won’t be embarrassed by the photos we are tagged in on Facebook and other social networking sites. We also want to have cute pictures of ourselves looking, well, cute! Here are 10 tips and tricks on how to look good in pictures using makeup!

Whenever you are dealing with pictures, you always want to start with a makeup primer. It is most important as it is the base to keeping all of your makeup on and looking beautiful. Another extremely important step is to start with a clean canvas before applying any product by making sure to cleanse, tone, moisturize and prime the face.

Matte eye shadows are flat colours. They do not have any sparkle or shimmer to them. When you’re going to be photographed you want to avoid anything that is going to reflect light on your face such as highlighters or illuminators as the camera flashes and the added shimmer will leave you looking like an oil spill and not your beautiful self!

For best results apply your makeup in natural light. Indoor lighting can alter the appearance of your makeup and some lights may wash you out causing you to apply makeup too heavily.

Use yellow tinted powder rather than shimmery or translucent powders for pictures as other products will reflect the light, leaving you looking washed out or shiny

The number one rule when it comes to makeup is NO harsh lines. Everything needs to be blended and smooth whether you are using eye shadows or concealers. The best way to achieve these results is to invest in the proper tools such as a blending brush. Blending out concealers is extremely important for photographs so it does not come off harsh or reveal any fine lines and awkward colouring around the eyes.

Many experts that give advice on how you can look beautiful and fantastic in pictures suggest using black liner and black mascara. If you normally use browns opt for black as the darker hue will give you better contrast and definition. However, for some instances, lining the top and bottom of the eyes in black can make one’s eyes appear smaller. Adding white eyeliner to your bottom waterline can also make your eyes brighter and pop more! By applying a little white matte shadow on the inner corners of both eyes or under the brow bone will make your eyes appear bigger, brighter, clearer and more awake and alert in your pictures.

Skipping blush will wash your face out, especially under a heavy flash. Blush adds definition to your face! Remember to not over apply blush either, rather start light and add more if needed.

Another tip on looking great in photographs is not forgetting your lipstick! Skipping this step will cause your mouth to blend in with the rest of your face. You need to contrast your features for best results weather going for a bold lip or even something nude.

Try not to create any shadows on your face with makeup such as fall out of eye shadows or by applying dark shades below the eyes. Learn how to position your face towards the camera to avoid creating shadows across your face or under your chin. A white drop background or flash card can also make a huge difference.

Also known as Chiaroscuro which is the technical term for highlight and shadow. One can use bronzer a shade or two darker than your natural colour to blush on under your cheekbones, under your chin, along either side of your nose, and the outer corners of your forehead. Apply a lighter colour on the areas that light hits. Apply to the tops of your cheeks, the centre of your forehead and the bridge of your nose to achieve greater results in photographs!