Melissa | Concierge

Hi! I’ve been with Zazou since 2013 and I love what I do. I have 10 years of customer service experience and Zazou has been the perfect place to further my growth. I have a passion for marketing and client relations. I enjoy coming in to work every day and helping the business be a success. Outside of work you can find me quoting cheesy movies or cracking corny one liners. Have you seen Zazou in the parades?! They’re the best people ever!


Cooking, watching horror movies & exploring with friends.

Favourite Food:

Greek – Put tzatziki in my liiiiife.

Favourite Music:

Alternative electronic.

Favourite Drink:

I’d love to say something hip but if you asked my best friends they would all shout white wine in unison.

Favourite Movie:

Sleepy Hollow…and anything horror

Zodiac Sign:

Scorpio. I’m strong willed, perceptive and calculating.