Jami | Stylist in Training

Hello! I am finally doing something I love and I am so excited to grow with Zazou! I graduated from John Casablanca’s Institute from the Hair Program. I really love balayage. It’s so easy and low-maintenance for the client and also fun to do as a stylist. I really love bob haircuts! Lobs, textured bobs, short a-line blba. Love them! I chose Zazou to help me reach my goals to grow and educate myself. “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”


Well since I also work at a brewery I love trying new craft beers!

Favourite Food:

Pizza or anything spicy!

Favourite Music:

Alternative Rock

Favourite Drink:

Bitter Indian Pale Ale’s Beer

Zodiac Sign:

Virgo. Loyal, kind, hard working, meticulous